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  1. Cop

    Career Goal (Short Film)

    I made a short film with Paul Sparkes this week It stars Bar Stewards cameo players Ranj Nagra and "Good" Sarah Scully. Made for the Short Film Competition... Its filmed on a Sony V1E with Wiggys lens adapter, it's a setup which rivals the Sony EX1 with Letus ;)
  2. Cop

    Ashleigh Morley fronts FIVEbingo

    Bar Stewards' Ashleigh Morley is now fronting FIVEBINGO which can be seen throughout the day on Channel 5 Here are a few grabs, I will post the video when I have the relevant permissions
  3. Cop

    Bastards vs Dingles - Build-up Thread

    It's just over a week to the first Top Flight East Lancashire Derby since 1966 Forget your Manchester, Liverpool and any London rivalries, Burnley and Blackburn fans are known to loathe each other and the producers at Pleased Sheep Films will be somewhat separated in loyalties come Sunday...
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    RIP H from Steps

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    Unusual Video Blog

  6. Cop

    An Actors Life (Less Ordinary)

    Some friends of mine where on BBC Radio Lancashire last night plugging their mockumentary which I've helped them out with recently. The film also features Jon Williams playing a cameo role. The interview starts around 21:40
  7. Cop

    Cuntys 'Iconic' Car Retires

    OK, errr moving on Some of you may want to know that an integral prop in Bar Stewards has retired My Peugeot 306, which is to become an icon in the Independent British film circuit playing the role as "Cunty's Car" in Bar Stewards, along with cameo appearances in other projects has been...
  8. Cop

    It's that time of year again (BB09)

    First guy in (Freddie) looks like a right bell end   Lisa looks like a dick too - what a prick   We have something worth watching it for at least... Sophie   This Kris seems OK... but anyone who spells Chris with a K has to be a fool   Noirin - not as fit as Sophie... and the first word she...
  9. Cop

    Bad Lad to appear on BBC Radio Lancashire

    BBC Radio Lancashire have asked Diary of a Bad Lad producer Jon Williams to talk about the films up-coming release. The Show is scheduled for 4.30pm on Thursday 7th May. Radio Lancs can be found on 95.5 FM 103.9 FM, 104.5 FM or 855 MW, 1557 MW or alternatively on More...
  10. Cop

    Pub is the Toast for New Film

  11. Cop

    James Bond

    Bringing back Paul's Polls... cos I'm bored... so I am having the most boring poll ever WHO IS THE BEST JAMES BOND? Discuss
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    Cop's Top Tips - Cannes

    It’s coming up to that time of year again and the guys at Pleased Sheep won’t be missing out. With the hotel booked and flights ready to be confirmed, my third and Michael’s fifth trip to Cannes is now being prepared. After what the press described as a “disappointing” 2008 festival due to the...
  13. Cop

    Celebrity Big Brother 09

    "Mini Me" is in the house, I might watch it this year...
  14. Cop

    Characters in Corrie

    Isn't Corrie ace, I do actually enjoy watching it, the characters are so so well written and I think its a funny show. But some of the characters are going a bit funny... Dev is turning in to Seinfelds Kramer (although now he is getting more airtime, that's wearing off)   Ken acts like Alan...
  15. Cop

    The Big Brother Thread

    Watching the highlights show with this Rex chap smudging that girls painting.... :mad: :mad: HE HAS APOLOGISED, FUCKING GROW UP AND GET OVER IT :mad: :mad: I swear I am not watching it this year! She's still going on! Masterpiece?
  16. Cop

    MovieSet is a new website dedicated to promoting Feature Films in development, and Bar Stewards is now on there. The site is not the finished article yet, this is the Beta version. I met one of the programmers in Cannes and he has gone off his own back and "pinched" the content from the Pleased...
  17. Cop

    Money grabbing artists

    On the estate were I work, are are all small industrial units for small business, most of which, like my Dads - only employ between 2 to 7 people. In the post today, all the units received this letter (below) from PRS, so my Dad chased it up to see what its all about... basically, if music is...
  18. Cop

    Valerie's Orchard

    The NEW Valerie's Orchard website can be found here, it gives you details about the films progress and other information such as the "The Valerie Tree Planting Project" Check it out
  19. Cop

    Keith Lemons' World Tour

    Just seen it now, not sure if its the first one or not, but it's very good, excellent character. :)C :)C
  20. Cop

    FOX Going Forward with Spaced Remake

    FOX Going Forward with Spaced Remake Pilot ordered for new version of British cult series.   US, February 29, 2008 - FOX is going forward with their remake of the British cult series Spaced, ordering a pilot for the new incarnation, says Variety. Since the project was announced last fall...