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  1. blackburnrover75

    Inbetweeners 2

    Really loved the tv series and the first movie was so funny so I was looking forward to watching the new one I got it on DVDs at xmas. Now I don't know if it cause I was drunk but I felt the movie was well crap the jokes where not that funny I didernt think I think they should have left it...
  2. blackburnrover75

    harrypotter and the half blood prince

    i was hoping to watch harry potter and the half blood prince which was due out on the 18th nov this year. but for some reason warner brothers have put bk the date till july 09 but to the number of good movies out this year such as batman. iam gutted to say the least i was really looking...
  3. blackburnrover75

    hello from a hot and sunny lower darwen

    hi folks iam col aka blackburnrover75 some of you might know me from bb247 site. i was all ready a member under a diff nick but cant access it for some reason so here iam lol.
  4. blackburnrover75

    ello from a hot and sunny lower darwen

    hi iam kev aka colly from hot and sunny lower darwen ok its not but you have to look on the brightside of life dont you lol just home bk to town after 16 years in living in merseyside in the transport industry also spent a few years working the doors in a few liverpool venue's. i do have a...