Cannes 2012
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Here we are in the South of France at the Cannes Film Festival. Wish I had my laptop so I could do a proper write up with pictures and suchlike...
Tash's Alternative Xmas Message
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Head of football intelligence Tash McDermott provides an alternative Christmas speech. Tash talks about the situation regarding Steve Kean at...
Jonathan Gems on the abolition of the UKFC
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I've just had the go-ahead to make this public, it's a letter that screenwriter Jonathan Gems (Batman, Mars Attacks) sent to one of Jeremy Hunt's...
The Great British Film Industry
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This Saturday, 8pm, Jon Williams is featuring in Film24's documentary: "The Great British Film Industry", along with such as Mike Leigh and Ken...
PSF at Future Artists tonight!
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It's the night of the Future Artists event at Urbis in Manchester which is now sold out. Pleased Sheep films will be there. Jonathan Williams...
Site update!
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So what do you think of the new look of the Pleased Sheep Films site? Before you comment, please note that the forum design is only temporary and...
Cannes 2009
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The Pleased Sheep team have arrived at the Cannes film festival where it's been very hot and sunny. After sharing a flight with Blackburn Rovers...
Cannes 2008
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Despite missing our initial flight, my suitcase losing two wheels and our bus not turning up in Nice, we eventually made it to Cannes. This year...

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