Tash Force

Tash Force - LQ 1080p - ungraded

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Make sure to set it to 1080p by clicking the gear icon on the player.
Tash Force in shops now!
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Today saw the release of our second feature film Tash Force on DVD. You can buy a copy in all good retailers (Amazon/Play.com, etc) and in-store...
Tash Force Premiere Info!
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Don't forget to get your tickets for the Tash Force Premiere which takes place at King George's Hall, Blackburn this Thursday evening. You can...
Tash Force box art!
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Tash Force box art has been released by the distributors, and we think it looks superb. Yesterday the film received a 15 certificate from the...
Tash McDermott on Radio Lancs!
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Tash McDermott was on Radio Lancashire’s breakfast show this morning along with producer Ian Wiggins to promote our film Tash Force. Have a listen...
Tash Force Trailer online!
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At last, the official trailer for Tash Force our comedy feature that is going to be released Spring 2012 in the United Kingdom on DVD and video on...
Tash's Alternative Xmas Message
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Head of football intelligence Tash McDermott provides an alternative Christmas speech. Tash talks about the situation regarding Steve Kean at...
Unofficial Tash Force Posters
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Jeremy over at SilverFerox has produced some eye catching Tash Force posters. Please note that these are not official or approved by the...

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