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    Tash Force Premiere

    Aahh, I was gonna be there then I couldn't make it. Looks like it was a great night. Wish I could've joined you.
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    Diary of a Bad Lad retail box art

    Will it be physically available in HMV, Tesco, Asda etc...? I can't purchase online, which is the only reason I still haven't got a copy of Bad Lad yet.
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    Career Goal (Short Film)

    That's a funny shaped guitar. Oh.
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    Career Goal (Short Film)

    You're in the lead. :)C But, apparently, Latins don't like it.
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    The Most Useless Machine Ever!

    "Here is a box. A musical box. Wound up and ready to play. But this box can hide a secret inside. Can you guess what is in it today? It's Windy Miller. Hello Windy." *windy waves* "What's that you have? Is it Wiggy's knob?" *Windy nods* "What have you been doing with it?" *Windy makes a...
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    The Most Useless Machine Ever!

    Bwah! :)C
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    Merry Xmas

    I don't do christmas but Happy New Year everyone for Friday. :beers:
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    Ashleigh Morley fronts FIVEbingo

    It's been removed. I missed the bouncy balls. Not for the first
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    Finchy in Paradox

    I liked it, though it has its issues. Throughout I found most of the characters to be either reluctant or completely ego driven, so I laughed heartily when Ben said, "It's about your ego..." in the 'coming next week' spoiler after the credits. I'm into the whole theories of time and space stuff...
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    Premier League 2009/10 chat thread

    I'd say the same for us in truth. The three goals we let in were bloody soft. It's a good thing we got those 5 first. Had Burnley come back sooner we'd have been screwed.
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    Premier League 2009/10 chat thread

    5-3 against Burnley. Here comes the fight back. FA Cup third round draw...we get Arsenal. Shit.
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    ADR session in manchester

    Already commented on this on Facebook but I'll give it a thumbs up here too. ;-)
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    Mind Meanders

    Thought I'd put this here instead of The Dead Thread as I wouldn't want it to go off on any tangent. Charlie Brooker's wonderful response to the sickening article by the nasty little bitch otherwise known as Jan Moir. It's apparently now the most complained about article in newspaper history...
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    The Dead Thread

    Stephen died of natural causes Negative speculation over. He can now rest in peace.
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    The Dead Thread

    Not just Laura. I'm a big boyzone fan too and am also very sad to hear this news. As much as both Laura and I have certain issues with each other I know how she will be feeling. Probably worse if I know her well enough. All I'd say to her is remember the happy times. There are so many of them...