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  1. Booth

    From the fiery depths?

    Could our feature film Bar Stewards be set for a triumphant return? Sound mix permitting, completion set for 2020. Here's a screen grab from the new opening scenes.
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    ADR Sex

    I haven't had the time to write a blog for a while so I thought I would chip in with a few words on what we've been up to. A couple of weeks ago we were at SSR re-recording Dorothy Sanderson and Tim Paley's lines for the 'Racheal's Parents' scene. There's a sexual element to this which I don't...
  3. Booth

    Bad Lad hits iTunes & Sony's Qriocity

    Our feature film Diary of a Bad Lad is now available on iTunes and Sony's Qriocity video on-demand services. Here's the direct link to the iTunes download page (you will need iTunes installed on your computer):
  4. Booth

    Films that aren't available any more

    Here's a thread to highlight all those films that you saw in your youth on VHS or on TV that is now not available on any format, and you'd really like to see it again. For me, it's Spaceship The Movie, aka The Creature Wasn't Nice starring Leslie Neilson, Patrick McNee and Gerrit Graham...
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    Pleased Sheep The Reunion!

    Hmmm, I've been a bit busy but now the old forums are back. Anyone else going to be joining me on here? Use this thread to sign in and say "hello" :) (skin for forums currently being worked on)
  6. Booth

    Cannes 2012 - we're there!

    Here we are in the South of France at the Cannes Film Festival. Wish I had my laptop so I could do a proper write up with pictures and suchlike but I've posted a few pics and updates on Twitter and Facebook. Not been bad so far (apart from the thunderstorms today!). On the first day we went to...
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    Tash Force in shops now!

    Today saw the release of our second feature film Tash Force on DVD. You can buy a copy in all good retailers (Amazon/, etc) and in-store at HMV. Plenty of extras on there, it's well worth a purchase! Product Details A hilarious mad-cap comedy about Tash McDermott (MARK WOODWARD)...
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    Wow! Black Magic launches sub-£2000 cinema camera!

    Looks like a great camera. Loving the price, under £2000!
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    Tash Force Premiere

    Don't forget to get your tickets for the Tash Force Premiere which takes place at King George's Hall, Blackburn this Thursday evening. You can purchase tickets at the KGH box office, or via Ticketmaster on this page - click here. Tash McDermott will be in attendance to make sure nobody comes...
  10. Booth

    Tash Force Box Art Released!

    Tash Force box art has been released by the distributors, and we think it looks superb. Yesterday the film received a 15 certificate from the British Board of Film Classification along with the consumer advice along with consumer advice… “Contains strong language, once very strong, and strong...
  11. Booth

    Tash McDermott on the Radio!

    Tash McDermott was on Radio Lancashire’s breakfast show this morning along with producer Ian Wiggins to promote our film Tash Force. Have a listen to see how he got on, and him catching up with his old pal Ted Robbins.
  12. Booth

    Tash's Alternative Xmas Message

    Head of football intelligence Tash McDermott provides an alternative Christmas speech. Tash talks about the situation regarding Steve Kean at Blackburn Rovers, the positive comments from "the village", Robbie Savage and the Match of the Day pundits, the arrest of Father Christmas, Blackburn...
  13. Booth

    Tash addresses BRFC protesters

    Watch football intelligence's Tash McDermott's webcam rant against the Blackburn Rovers protesters. Whilst convalescing from a recent football hooligan related injury, he wanted to address the supporters after he discovered a "cell" of fans who were against the manager and the owners on the site...
  14. Booth

    A guide to the Canon 5D Mark II

    Over the past six months I've filmed quite a lot with the Canon 5D Mark II and as a result, I keep getting enquiries asking advice about DSLR shooting. So I thought I'd write this guide so it may help someone, somewhere decide whether it's the right camera for them. It's by no means scientific...
  15. Booth

    Diary of a Bad Lad released in Argentina

    Llame a la policía! Diary of a Bad Lad is out in Argentina! Diario De Un Chico Malo was recently released on DVD with Spanish subtitles and retails for $9. Link here
  16. Booth

    Incredible VFX facial animation test

    Check this out, it's quite amazing. [video=youtube;vzrbrbqPysQ]
  17. Booth

    PSF @Cannes 2011

    Today we're heading off to the Cannes Film Festival and we're in greater numbers this year. Paul Birtwistle and Ian Wiggins will be joining myself (Michael Booth) and Paul Coppack. We will try to keep this article, and the corresponding forum thread updated with everything that goes on...
  18. Booth

    The Royal Wedding

    Seemed to go well I thought :) Best quote to the picture below I've seen so far comes from Danielle Kutzner on Facebook who simply wrote "...ordinary people :)"
  19. Booth

    May the fourth be with you?

    What's all this about, on the Star Wars site. All will be revealed on May 4th?
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    Pointless fact of the day - post yours!

    The original developer of noodles in a cup was called Momofuku. His full name was Momofuku Ando. Pot Noodles weren't created till 1977. Post your pointless fact below ;-)