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  1. Strawbs

    The Boat That Rocked

    Watched this yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it. I'd say this is possibly Richard Curtis's best film. It's a very sophisticated script, using comedy in the most subtle way for the most part. There are still some obvious gags in there though to enjoy. It's a little window into the lives of...
  2. Strawbs

    Trailers From Hell

    Trailers From Hell is a fun yet informative site looking mostly at b-movies of the horror genre, but along with other various films, in particular their trailers. I particularly enjoy Edgar Wright's trailer commentaries. And look out for a strangely familiar name...
  3. Strawbs

    Terry Christian review?

    I'm sure I read somewhere on here that Terry Christian had a quote about Bad Lad on the poster/dvd cover, but I can't seem to find it again. Could some kind fellow tell me where it is? Ta.
  4. Strawbs

    Birty Does Kids...

    ...television. Crinkled Birty. ;) :-o) Double whammy. A Birty lookalike AND an offensive play on words. Brand and Ross have nothing on me.
  5. Strawbs


    Feel free to remove this thread if it's deemed inappropriate. While browsing the Big Brother forum on the Digital Spy site just now I thought I'd take a quick peruse over the 'Snared' thread for the first time in a while. Rather than go over loads of pages I just went for the last couple or so...
  6. Strawbs

    Mind Meanders

    Now that the 800 Posts thread has closed there's a bit of a void for just posting little silly things that are in your mind or little oddities that don't quite need a whole thread to themselves. So here's this thread to serve as a place to have sort of free flowing conversation type posts. Any...
  7. Strawbs

    Fun With Your Name

    If you go to this site Is The Your Name? you can find out what animal your name represents as well as what your name is in pig Latin. It's probably completely made up but it's still quite fun. I came out as a pygmy three-toed sloth. It's like it knows me! :)C But check out what you get for...
  8. Strawbs

    Son Of Rambow

    It comes out this Friday (4/4) and looks pretty damn good. It's made by the team behind 2006's movie outting of The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy and has Jessica Hynes playing mum to character Will. Anyway, here's a quick interview with Jessica here.
  9. Strawbs

    The Dead Thread

    It seems there should be a thread here to make a note or pay respects to those in the entertainment industry who have died. To add to Anthony Minghella, Arthur C Clarke and Captain Birdsye - John Hewer - this week, today there's been the news of actors Brian Wilde and Paul Scofield.
  10. Strawbs

    RIP Anthony Mingella

    Anthony Minghella has died. Story here. Bit of a shocker and only 54. EDIT: More information has come out as to the cause and it turns out he had surgery last week for neck and tonsil cancer. Guardian article A truly awful way to go.
  11. Strawbs

    Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix

    *spoilers* Saw it today. While not the best film it's still pretty good and worth seeing. And it's pretty damn dark for a kids film. A lot has been cut out, possibly too much as it whips from one stage of the plot to another. It actually could've done with an extra 10 or so minutes in my...
  12. Strawbs

    Hot Fuzz

    Anyone here seen it? It's totally brilliant! :)C :)C Bring on the noise! Strawbs
  13. Strawbs

    Strawbs Here

    Well I'm 27, female and live in East London. Music tastes include Goldfrapp, Kasabian, Candie Payne, Richard Hawley, Bent, Mr Scruff, Kaiser Chiefs, Madonna, Will Young, Kylie Minogue, The Knife, Jean-Michel Jarre, The Selecter, Madness, Kings Of Convenience, Ulrich Schnauss and many more...