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  1. Joanna

    Colin Warhurst interviews Jon Williams

    On the Siab Studios website, you can now find a Colin Warhurst/Jon Williams video chat from the day of the Bad Lad screening at the Salford Film Festival. (Thank you to for the heads-up on it!)
  2. Joanna

    Finchy in Paradox

    Thought I'd start this thread now (Chris's ep is on a week today) for in case anyone wants to pass comment on tonight's opener. I imagine there'll be a 'next time' bit, too, so there's always the chance Chris might be glimpsed in that. Also.... (Note the change of character name: Danny...
  3. Joanna

    Interview with film-maker Adam Mason

    As requested ;) , HERE is a really interesting interview I came across with the film-maker Adam Mason. He talks a bit about film editing, the mindset of making films, working to a low budget (and he lives slap bang in the middle of Hollywood), etc etc etc.... Fighting against the film industry...
  4. Joanna

    Cast/Crew 'Happy Birthday' thread!

    I've realised we've got a few cast/crew birthdays coming up in the next few weeks (well, I only know of a few, anyway!), so thought it'd be easiest to just make one thread for everyone rather than start up separate ones...... Happy Birthday, Mr Booth! :party: :luv&worship: Hope it's been a...
  5. Joanna

    Rank (Joe O'Byrne play)

    Just a lil plug for the return (it's already had a sell-out run at The Lowry) of Joe O'Byrne's :luv&worship: Rank. It's playing a two-night run at The Dancehouse next month (11-12 September).... A local gang war…an innocent gunned down…a community divided…   It’s Halloween in Paradise...
  6. Joanna

    Happy Birthday, Roxie!

    Happy Birthday, Roxie! :party:
  7. Joanna

    Chris Finch in 'Spooks: Code 9'

    Haha, whilst watching this, managed to get 2 out of 3 things right on Chris's part in it all! Soon as mention of Reconnected UK came on screen, I thought this must be the business Chris's Patrick Conlan would be associated with...and it was! And then when Pete Norris's part of the storyline...
  8. Joanna

    Birthday greetings, Fran!

    Happy Birthday, sweetie! Have a relaxing and lovely time for what's left of your birthday (that gives you all night, after all! ;-) ). Birthday hugs and kisses. :-o)xxxx
  9. Joanna

    Lookin' For Lucky: A Completist's Guide (last updated 29/10/09)

    LOOKIN' FOR LUCKY: A COMPLETIST'S GUIDE STATUS: Completed RUNNING TIME: 90 minutes CERTIFICATE: 15 GENRE: Drama SETTING: Bolton (Greater Manchester, Lancashire) TAGLINE: If Luck was a lady, she'd be a bitch tonight. SYNOPSES: + [short/current] Any Estate. Carve a slice right through...
  10. Joanna

    Clips that you love...

    Just thought that I'd start up this thread so that people can post up any past/present clips they love that don't fit into any of the existing threads. For me, the following is a really clever partnering of song and video. Love the time-lapse technique used to create the 'journey' of the woman...
  11. Joanna

    Chris Finch in Waterloo Road

    Thought I'd start this thread from Chris's first WR episode, even though there isn't too much to comment on so far because he was in it so briefly tonight. Anyone else catch him in this? And does anyone actually like the Beeb's end credit-squishing 'policy'? Particularly not a 'fan' of it...
  12. Joanna

    And Did Those Feet (starring Chris Finch)

    And Did Those Feet official synopsis What do you do when you're due to be married on FA Cup Final day - and even the vicar wants to go to the match?   It's 1923 and Martha Platt's wedding plans are falling to pieces as friends and neighbours, including fiance Ted Aspinall, can talk of nothing...
  13. Joanna

    Happy Birthday, Fran!

    Lots of happy birthday wishes to ya, sweetie! Hope at least a few of them end up coming true! Have a lovely one.... xxxxxx xx Joanna xx
  14. Joanna

    Happy Birthday, Laura!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LAURA! :D :) Hope you'll all join me in wishing the most lovely Laura a birthday full of lots of happy memories, lots of smiles, lots of laughter...and lots of pressies!! Love you lots, sweetie! xxxxxxxx xx Joanna xx
  15. Joanna

    Bar Stewards: A Completist's Guide (last updated 07/04/11: ADR pic added)

    BAR STEWARDS: A COMPLETIST'S GUIDE DEMO REEL STATUS: Post-production RUNNING TIME: 100 minutes (approx.) GENRE: Romantic comedy/drama SETTING: Blackburn (Lancashire) SYNOPSES: + [short] Layton's life falls apart after his girl leaves him. He then discovers that he has a mysterious...
  16. Joanna

    Chris Finch in Grange Hill

    "Okay, off you go...quietly." :D :eek: Did anyone else see Chris in GH today?! He was in two scenes as Mr Lydon, the history teacher. In the first scene, Mr Lydon....complete with Layton hair (including that 'curl' at the bottom!) :D ....was finishing off a lesson by asking how everyone...
  17. Joanna

    Lookin' For Lucky

    LOOKIN' FOR LUCKY OFFICIAL WEBSITE :D :) Well, since things really appear to be gearing up now for the 2007 release of Lookin' For Lucky (see above! ;) ), I thought it would be nice to have a thread for it so that people can talk about it (and Chris's part in it! :D ) all in the one place...
  18. Joanna

    Dead Man's Cards: what the critics have to say...

    Well, I've noticed today that there are a few Dead Man's Cards reviews about in the various film mags newly out. So, for those interested ;) :P ....... Empire (review by Kim Newman, p56) THIS LOW-BUDGET LIVERPOOL thug movie has a tang of grimy authenticity missing fron all those London...
  19. Joanna

    Chris Finch in The Innocence Project

    AARRGGHHHHHH! I am one rather 'annoyed' Finchy bunny after seeing Chris in tonight's The Innocence Project. :mad: :G It's nothing to do with Chris's performance....very solid, as ever (great work, Chris :) )...but for the fact that the 'Adrian Gale' strand of the episode was so poorly dealt...
  20. Joanna

    Hi from Joanna

    Since a lil birdie asked me so very nicely ;) ....*clears throat* Hiya, I'm Joanna and I currently work as Chris Finch's personal assistant on the set of the film Bar Stewards, moping his work-heavy brow, attending to his every whim and fancy (and boy does that man get you working hard on his...