It's that time of year again (BB09)


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Oh really? And he says he wasn't in it for the money.

I was gutted to see Roddy go first (I think I'm a bit in love with him!) but was happy to see Sophie win. Can't quite fathom how David reached 3rd. He got the quietest reception from the crowd.

In a strange twist of events I now actually really like Charlie. I think it's partly down to his relationship with Rodrigo but mostly because I grew to understand him more over the last couple of weeks. He's turned out to be the most interesting housemate to work out (I like to play at sofa psychology), which I wouldn't have said during the first half of the series. It was quite gratifying to hear Judy James - the behavioural expert - say pretty much the same thing about Charlie's development in the house as something I'd said on another site earlier in the week. It made me feel all experty.

Anyway, really enjoyed the finale. It's easily been my favourite series over the last 10 years.