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  1. Stephen Rigg

    Tash Force Premiere

    What a great evening. I felt very proud of the cast and crew of the film whilst sat there in the audience. I wish i had sat at the back though. What a bloody tremendous job you all did. Give yourselves a pat on the back, unless there is someone nearby who can give you one. It must be a genuine...
  2. Stephen Rigg

    Tash Force Trailer

    Looking good !
  3. Stephen Rigg

    Hey it's new Tash!

    Quick update for you folks: We have finished principal photography, and other than a couple of money shots to do, we have shot a 90 page script in 44 hours over 10 sessions within a 16 day window. Trumpets are being blown and wigs are slipping forth as we enter into a post-production...
  4. Stephen Rigg

    Hey it's new Tash!

    Tech alert ! Tech alert ! Tech Alert ! I like a good geek squabble.
  5. Stephen Rigg

    Finchy & the Girls - Chris Finch video blog

    Yeah, great blog. Footage looks cool. Cops, you've done it again. Really enjoyed the day, definately give me a shout, next time you're filming.
  6. Stephen Rigg

    An Actors Life (Less Ordinary)

    Well, i'm now a fully fledged junior member of pleased sheep forums. I am Stephen Rigg, director of An Actor's Life: Less Ordinary and will keep you posted with any developments. SR
  7. Stephen Rigg

    An Actors Life (Less Ordinary)

    Thanks Michael.