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  1. Booth

    Bar Stewards - Back in business?

    The film! The myth! The heartbreak! Due to the pandemic, our film Bar Stewards was shelved. I'm now happy to say that significant progress has been made and it's currently being sound mixed. There will still be some work to be done beyond that, but hopefully, all of the people who worked on it...
  2. Booth

    Diary of a Bad Lad - recut and remastered

    Diary of a Bad Lad is currently being remastered and recut for streaming services, complete with a new intro, new music and “missing” footage reintroduced. The original footage will be remastered in 4k but with the original 4:3 aspect ratio of the original footage. It’s expected that the film...
  3. Booth

    Testing thread

  4. Booth

    Hey Roxy, good to see there's two of us still about on here :)

    Hey Roxy, good to see there's two of us still about on here :)
  5. Booth

    From the fiery depths?

    Shame the covid/lockdown has now killed any chances of it being completed :confused:
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  7. Booth

    From the fiery depths?

    Could our feature film Bar Stewards be set for a triumphant return? Sound mix permitting, completion set for 2020. Due to the pandemic, the film has been further postponed.
  8. Chris Finch

    Cannes 2008

    Cheers for these Cannes blog updates guys. I am enjoying reading them and softens the blow of not being able to be there with you. It's sounding like a positive and eventful festival for you so far. Hope the meetings go well. looking forward to the next update!
  9. Dave Laurie

    Cannes 2008

    Well I've had a leisurely stroll down Morecambe Prom today, ran into absolutely nobody, didn't drink anything, came home, half watched half of the most boring F.A. Cup Final in living memory, ate some of Iceland's (the shop, not the country) finest frozen chicken portions and frozen fries (yes I...
  10. Cop

    Cannes 2008

    Never try to arrange meetings with a hangover, it hurts your head... quite a lot. It mustn't have been a great night because I wasn't sick! :eek: I wonder how PG got on with walking the Spanish chick back... I wonder why he hasn't surfaced?
  11. Joanna

    Cannes 2008

    That's great. Really pleased that you seem to have had such a lovely, relaxing and trouble-free time in Cannes so far. Hope the rest of your trip continues in the same vein. :D Anything Cop would mind you sharing here?...
  12. Jon Williams

    History! Bad Lad first rough cut screening

    It's Wednesday 22 January. I've just watched the first screening of the complete rough cut, and I'm suffused by the sort of warm rosy glow that usually only follows really good sex - or maybe even childbirth. Throughout the whole process Bad Lad, and the experience of making it, has just got...
  13. Booth

    80 minutes.

    80 minutes.
  14. Booth

    Pleased Sheep The Reunion!

    The site has finally been reconstructed, moved to a new server and seems to be running quite smoothly. So now the time is to officially reopen the forums and let chat commence ;-)
  15. Booth

    Films that aren't available any more

    Here's a thread to highlight all those films that you saw in your youth on VHS or on TV that is now not available on any format, and you'd really like to see it again. For me, it's Spaceship The Movie, aka The Creature Wasn't Nice starring Leslie Neilson, Patrick McNee and Gerrit Graham...
  16. Booth

    Pleased Sheep The Reunion!

    There's a few people saying they can't log in because they've forgot their username or password so I told them to get in touch via pm on Facebook and I've received nothing. Dopes. In other news, Paul Gordon thought my avatar was Benedict Cumberbatch :)C
  17. Booth

    Inbetweeners 2

    Not a watcher of the sitcom but I liked the first film, haven't seen the second yet.
  18. Booth

    Unlawful Killing full film

    Is this actually banned, or is it that no distributor will touch it because of the controversy?
  19. Booth

    Pleased Sheep The Reunion!

    And Fanny there Avatars working now! ;-)
  20. Booth

    Pleased Sheep The Reunion!

    Hopefully when I update the forum software it'll fix it, fingers crossed.