Tash on Radio Lancs!
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Tash McDermott was on Radio Lancashire’s breakfast show this morning along with producer Ian Wiggins to promote our film Tash Force. Have a listen...
Tash Force Trailer online!
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At last, the official trailer for Tash Force our comedy feature that is going to be released Spring 2012 in the United Kingdom on DVD and video on...
Bad Lad hits iTunes & Sony's Qriocity
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Our feature film Diary of a Bad Lad is now available on iTunes and Sony's Qriocity video on-demand services. Here's the direct link to the iTunes...
Bad Lad released in Argentina!
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Llame a la policía! Diary of a Bad Lad is out in Argentina! Diario De Un Chico Malo was recently released on DVD with Spanish subtitles and...
PSF @Cannes 2011
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Today we're heading off to the Cannes Film Festival and we're in greater numbers this year. Paul Birtwistle and Ian Wiggins will be joining myself...
Bad Lad released on DVD
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Diary of a Bad Lad appeared on the shelves of all good retailers today. It’s also widely available at all the online stores. Here are some links...