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I haven't had the time to write a blog for a while so I thought I would chip in with a few words on what we've been up to.

A couple of weeks ago we were at SSR re-recording Dorothy Sanderson and Tim Paley's lines for the 'Racheal's Parents' scene. There's a sexual element to this which I don't want to say too much about. But it's great fun to ADR, especially as they are in a different room this time, so Tim and Dee can't hear us laughing in the control room.

Then last week Classic Entertainment send some video packaging/poster artwork for their forthcoming Diary of a Bad Lad release and it's looking really good. I'd like to post it online but can't just yet as it's not quite finished.

Last Friday we were at MC Tunes/The Ugly's studio Studio 13 to shoot the last bit of sync sound footage for Bar Stewards. A pick-up as we weren't intending to get this footage originally but have since decided that to make it a bit funnier, we shall. It's a sex scene, but a sex scene where we don't see the girl. It'll all be done in the ADR with sound effects making it sound worse (or better depending on your point of view) than it is. Nicky puts in a great performance and nails it in two takes (pardon the pun and accidental misogyny there!)

Whilst there I show the guys my new 5D Mark II which causes some excitement when I record a bit of video with it. A small crowd gathers around the LCD screen. Unfortunately the lights have already been taken down so even though it looks really good, it could have looked even better. I return home and set about adding the extra Nicky footage (which is half of a split-screen sequence) into the project. After a short while it's edited in and looking splendid. Nicky's performance is even better than I imagined and works well with the previous footage of Chris Finch that we shot ages ago.

Then yesterday (Monday) we are at SSR ADR'ing a different type of sex scene with Ash Morley, our recordist was once again the brilliant Dean Covill. A pattern is starting to emerge - ADR'ing sex scenes is pretty funny and a highly recommended chuckle-fest. Probably the most fun I've had in an audio studio in fact. However we're in there for a long time as after we have finished Ash's dubbing we have to review not only her audio takes, but also Louise's from a few weeks ago. By the end of it we're all a bit doolally. Then a hard drive stops working. Dean tries to fix it, but nothing seems to be working. One of the bods at SSR tell us we have to leave as they are closing up but Dean argues that it's important material. In a scene reminiscent of Boogie Nights when Marky Mark gets kicked out of the recording studio. Yes the "you've got the touch" scene, we have to leave quickly. Luckily Dean checks the material later and all is fine. Cop does a video blog on my new Canon 5D Mark II on the way back but I can't remember much of it. It's late and I'm confused so scoff a biscuit than fall asleep quickly. I have to be up at 7am so I try to get a decent 6 hours of sleep at least.

So what have we learned here today? Sex scenes are fun to re-dub!