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Respected Indiewire film web-zine blogger, Michael Tully, is so impressed with Bad Lad that he says he'll be putting his weight behind it as soon as it comes out in the States. Michael sent us a pretty long email about the film.


Here's just some of what he said:

"I was VERY impressed by what you pulled off with so little! It's funny, as it unfolded at the beginning I thought what a nice, honest antidote it was to the Guy Ritchie style of flashy crime cinema, then I read your own piece attached and saw that you were thinking the same thing I was thinking.


"It's pretty remarkable that this cost less than $10K. It feels more expertly executed than most features I see these days, big budget or small.


"For me, what stands out the most is the acting, which is more than convincing; it's really, really exceptional."