Tash Force Premiere

Don't forget to get your tickets for the Tash Force Premiere which takes place at King George's Hall, Blackburn this Thursday evening. You can purchase tickets at the KGH box office, or via Ticketmaster on this page - click here.

Tash McDermott will be in attendance to make sure nobody comes into the venue with any banners, and his boys will be at the back to sort anyone out if there's any "shenanigans".

50% of the ticket sales go to charity which will be split between The Glove Project in Gambia, where the money will go towards building a new well in a village as the water supply is contaminated, leading to premature deaths. And also Macauley Riley, a little boy who has been diagnosed with a terminal brain condition and comes from the Ewood area where Tash Force was filmed. You can read the sad story about Macauley here.

The other 50% will pay contribute to venue hire and projection.

The Tash Force page is here for more info and trailer: https://www.pleasedsheep.com/index.php?pages/tash-force/

Stephen Rigg

Junior Member
What a great evening. I felt very proud of the cast and crew of the film whilst sat there in the audience. I wish i had sat at the back though. What a bloody tremendous job you all did. Give yourselves a pat on the back, unless there is someone nearby who can give you one. It must be a genuine one though, or you may as well do it yourself.


Super Member
Aahh, I was gonna be there then I couldn't make it. Looks like it was a great night. Wish I could've joined you.