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The film! The myth! The heartbreak! Due to the pandemic, our film Bar Stewards was shelved. I'm now happy to say that significant progress has been made and it's currently being sound mixed. There will still be some work to be done beyond that, but hopefully, all of the people who worked on it years ago will have a film they can finally be proud of! Does this mean there could be light at the end of the, very long, tunnel! I hope so, and I'm trying!
Diary of a Bad Lad is currently being remastered and recut for streaming services, complete with a new intro, new music and “missing” footage reintroduced. The original footage will be remastered in 4k but with the original 4:3 aspect ratio of the original footage. It’s expected that the film will be available on streaming services in 2025.

Could our feature film Bar Stewards be set for a triumphant return? Sound mix permitting, completion set for 2020. Due to the pandemic, the film has been further postponed.
Here we are in the South of France at the Cannes Film Festival. Wish I had my laptop so I could do a proper write up with pictures and suchlike but I've posted a few pics and updates on Twitter and Facebook. Apart from the thunderstorms today it's not been a bad first day. We went to see the new Wes Anderson film Moonrise Kingdom which I quite enjoyed. Then later on we met a few people in the UK pavilion, then moved onto happy hour at the short film corner. Then after some networking we...
Don't forget to get your tickets for the Tash Force Premiere which takes place at King George's Hall, Blackburn this Thursday evening. You can purchase tickets at the KGH box office, or via Ticketmaster on this page - click here. Tash McDermott will be in attendance to make sure nobody comes into the venue with any banners, and his boys will be at the back to sort anyone out if there's any "shenanigans". 50% of the ticket sales go to charity which will be split between The Glove Project in...
Today saw the release of our second feature film Tash Force on DVD. You can buy a copy in all good retailers (Amazon/, etc) and in-store at HMV. Plenty of extras on there, it's well worth a purchase! Product Details A hilarious mad-cap comedy about Tash McDermott (MARK WOODWARD), Head of Lancashire Constabulary's Football Intelligence Unit, as he tries to track down a football hooligan ring leader, and put a stop to any "shenanigans" on the terraces. Tash is on the trail of the...
At last, the official trailer for Tash Force our comedy feature that is going to be released Spring 2012 in the United Kingdom on DVD and video on demand.
Tash Force box art has been released by the distributors, and we think it looks superb. Yesterday the film received a 15 certificate from the British Board of Film Classification along with the consumer advice along with consumer advice… “Contains strong language, once very strong, and strong sex references.” Release is on the 23rd April, in all good retailers. And of course the Premiere is on the 19th April.
Tash McDermott was on Radio Lancashire’s breakfast show this morning along with producer Ian Wiggins to promote our film Tash Force. Have a listen to see how he got on, and him catching up with his old pal Ted Robbins.
Our feature film Diary of a Bad Lad is now available on iTunes and Sony's Qriocity video on-demand services. Here's the direct link to the iTunes download page (you will need iTunes installed on your computer):
Llame a la policía! Diary of a Bad Lad is out in Argentina! Diario De Un Chico Malo was recently released on DVD with Spanish subtitles and retails for $9. Link here
Today we're heading off to the Cannes Film Festival and we're in greater numbers this year. Paul Birtwistle and Ian Wiggins will be joining myself (Michael Booth) and Paul Coppack. We will try to keep this article, and the corresponding forum thread updated with everything that goes on. According to one of our friends who is over there, it's "scorchio". So better get the lotion at the ready! We will be promoting our forthcoming feature films Tash Force (in audio post-production) and Bar...
For regular visitors to you may have noticed some changes. We've gone nuclear with a completely new design (but with our beloved Sheep mascot in the header). You will also notice that the forums have now returned to the familiar format that was popular before, as have the old blogging section. Users Online can now be seen at the top of the page, on every page. This was something missed by a few members when it vanished. We've also brought back the old arcade but...
Diary of a Bad Lad appeared on the shelves of all good retailers today. It’s also widely available at all the online stores. Here are some links to places you can purchase online:,, Asda, LOVEFiLM,, And it’s also recently been released on DVD and VOD platforms in Hong Kong.
Film4′s Fright Fest have published an article about Diary of a Bad Lad in their latest E-Zine entitled Diary of a No Budget Film Producer. The publication is great for horror fans, it's a great read and it's free. You can download a PDF file of the full e-zine here (18mb): FrightFestezine2.pdf
Originally published online and in print by the Lancashire Telegraph here.
Tomorrow our feature film Diary of a Bad Lad is shown at the 9th Melbourne Underground Film Festival, or MUFF9 as it's called. It's showing at 9.30am, UK time. Over there it will be 7pm. If you're from Australia, and are in the vicinity, get yourself there! More details are here:
Jonathan Williams, along with Bog Standard producer Chris Lane talks about making independent movies and distributing them in the UK. The show is hosted by Channel M Today's Jemma Gofton.
Here's the new Diary of a Bad Lad retail box art. The film is now available to pre-order at pre-order at Tesco, HMV,, Blockbuster, LoveFilm, Asda, and ;-)
Over the past three months the Diary of a Bad Lad trailer has been viewed some 170,000 times on That's almost seven times more views than the 'Paranormal Activity' trailer's had in the past four months! * Dailymotion has several most viewed lists where you can see weekly, monthly and all-time data. And the Bad Lad trailer's* right up there in the top ten on most of them - and the top three on some! * This is already a pretty good news story. But let's see if we can...