Tash Force Telegraph article: 6/1/2011


Originally published online and in print by the Lancashire Telegraph here.

Blackburn railway worker changes track for movie career

Blackburn railway worker changes track for movie career. A NEW comedy film about the life of a politically-incorrect policeman is in production in Blackburn.

Tash Force, a 90-minute film set in locations around the town, is about the last three days in the career of police football intelligence officer, Tash McDermott.

The film has been written by 40-year-old Ian Wiggins, of Ewood, who has given up a 20-year career in the railway to pursue his dream of film producing.

He wrote the script with the help of main star Mark Woodward, Paul Birtwistle and Michael Booth, all from the Blackburn area.

The story is based on a short film produced four years ago, which became an internet hit. Distributors approached Ian to produce a feature-length version last year.

Ian said: “I’ve never had any formal training, but this is my passion, and it’s looking really good.

“We’ve used extras from Blackburn, and lots of local locations, such as outside Ewood Park and at Feniscowles and Pleasington football club.”

The film, produced on a small budget, is due to be released in shops and supermarkets in April.

The musical accompaniment has been done by Preston firm Verbal Vigilante, who have worked on Hollywood trailers.